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Corporate IT Training

Outsource Corporate IT Training Services

IT Training is an integral part of improving the competence of your resources. MangoBD understands that corporate training is distinct from academic or professional training programs, as the training which needs to be delivered to corporates is highly customized and specific to meet the set objectives of the organization.

With clients in various industries, O2I is at the forefront of delivering specialized corporate trainings, and developing training courses for diverse software platforms.

Corporate Training Services by O2I

Post-recruitment Training

Even the best recruitment process cannot guarantee work readiness of fresh recruits. Organizations cannot afford lengthy learning curves which new recruits often take to improve work effectiveness. This is exactly where O2I, with its work-readiness training, can pitch in and turn your new recruits into highly productive resources in the least possible time.

Issue-based Training

We can take specific work related issues, and design short and effective software training programs which can quickly equip your resources to overcome any skill gaps and put your priority projects back on the fast-track.

Project Preparatory Training

If you are expecting project assignments which demand skills which your team is not fully equipped with, then O2I can design customized and specific project preparatory training modules which not only seal the skill gaps, but also look at specific and generic issues which your resources should be equipped with when working on projects of specific nature.


A certified professional definitely yields more, and if your team does not boast of many certified professionals then just rely on O2I’s corporate training certification programs. We not only train your employees to take up the certification tests, but also train them on how to practically make use of the skills gained through the certification.

What Makes O2I Pioneers in the Area of Delivering IT Training?

  • Program Customization

    The primary objective of most corporate trainings is to get a customized program delivered. O2I, with its vast experience in delivering corporate trainings, can design and deliver a training program tailor-made for your requirements. Apart from customized content, we also offer standard training modules which comprehensively cover the intended topics.

  • On-premise Training

    Out software experts chalk out the right program and can deliver the training at your desired location – be it office, or off-site training location. We also offer drills on newer technologies to make online training more informative, interactive, and result oriented.

  • Objective Design and Delivery

    Most of our customizations are based on the project manager’s or team lead’s specific training objectives. Our domain experts first arrive at the training objective after fully understanding the requirements. Once the objective is set, we take into account the current skills and experience of the attending participants and then design a program which can fulfil the objectives in the least possible time and effective manner.

  • Experience in Handling Mixed Audience

    A key challenge is to address audience with mixed work experiences and expertise. In most corporate training programs we have seen that the audience mostly comprises of different educational/experience backgrounds and this is a key challenge that our expert trainers face. We carefully sync training objectives, average experience of the participants, and delivery mechanism to effectively deliver the training and ensure that our attendees are on the same page.

  • Panel of Certified and Expert Trainers

    Apart from boasting of a team of certified trainers it’s the experience in delivering corporate training solutions which makes our team impactful and objective driven. This makes our clients come back to us for repeat trainings to newer teams and for various skills.

  • Effectiveness Index

    We gauge our training effectiveness primarily on the following factors:

      • Time: We arrive at the best possible schedule to complete the training program after setting the objective. We also choose particular time slices of the day for the training to be delivered, to improve effectiveness and balance work schedules of the participants
      • Assignments: It’s the nature of the assignments which we give that makes learning more practical and effective. Our assignments induce right thought processes in the participants, which is crucial for succeeding in this competitive area
      • Post Training Feedback and Support: We also see how the participants fare post-training, and also render post-training support to help them ease into practically applying what they have learnt

    Outsource your Corporate Training Requirements to O2I

    MangoBD offers cost-effective IT training services for corporates that suit their training requirements. We have many functional cost models which are based on various training requirements like certification programs, specific skill enhancement trainings, work readiness trainings, etc., and can offer a tailor-made training module that best suits your specifications.

    Let our experts look at your corporate training requirements, and close all the skill gaps and improve the productivity of your resources effectively. Get in touch with us today for your corporate IT training requirements.

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