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Enterprise Solutions

Outsource Enterprise Solutions

  • Are you caught up with legacy IT installations?
  • Has your business grown beyond what your traditional business software can support?
  • Is your enterprise software solution unable to support the ever growing data?
  • Is your enterprise unable to synchronize the workflow and inter-departmental activities?

If you have nodded for any of the above, then O2I’s enterprise business solutions are just what you need to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations, increase your profits, and stay technologically ahead.

Our Service Offerings – Enterprise Business Solutions

Our enterprise solutions are exhaustive, and assist you in taking your enterprise to the next phase of growth. We classify our enterprise solutions into 2 key categories –

Core and Advisory Services

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS)

    O2I is at the forefront of SaaS implementation and customization for enterprises and small businesses. We can identify strategic areas where SaaS can give you maximum ROI. We understand the best performing SaaS solutions for various industries, thereby enabling the best that SaaS can offer to maximize business growth and effectiveness.

  2. Advanced Analytics

    Analytics has grown from just being a tool that gave consolidated information about your customers and business, to a crucial resource capable of giving clear insights and forecasts on how to steer your business forward. It can predict what your customers will need in the near future and how your business should be geared up to cater to this demand. O2I can setup the right analytical tools for your enterprise guaranteeing it the much needed predictive edge.

  3. ERP Services

    O2I has deep expertise in analysis, implementation, customization, integration, maintenance, support, and upgrade of popular ERP tools like Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, etc. We enable your organization to get the maximum benefit out of the enterprise resource planning solution that you opt for.

Enhanced Services

  1. Cloud-based Services

    The transition to cloud-based operation is vital for any business to increase its operational efficiency and improve cost effectiveness. However, businesses must properly analyze and adapt cloud based services according to their specific needs. O2I with its vast experience in moving businesses onto cloud platforms can leverage the transition, and make cloud-based services available to you with ease at competitive rates.

  2. Big Data

    Deciphering quality information from loads of data and scrutinizing it for retrieving high performance analytics is the key. O2I looks at the magnitude of data in question, and engages the right tools and processes which can make this huge process easy and productive for your organization.

  3. Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    With businesses providing mobility of service, it’s crucial to have an extremely robust enterprise mobility solution for your business that can capture the new age consumers. O2I gives your business that outlook and flexibility to leverage mobile platforms to your advantage that can make a huge difference to the way you engage and retain your customers.

Enterprise Technologies We Leverage

MangoBD enterprise business solutions help global organizations optimize latest technology to their advantage and prepare their business to take on any market challenge with agility. MangoBD has partnered with all the leading enterprise technology majors like –

Additionally, we utilize various Open Source Solutions to leverage the right technology for your business. O2I also has the finest enterprise solutions architects who can understand and deliver to your exact requirements.

Why Outsource Enterprise Solutions to O2I?

Accelerated Workflow – Enterprise software solutions not only bring in the latest technology to your business, but also accelerate your normal workflow allowing you to cater to more customers than usual.

Inter-departmental Synchronization – With data exchange, smooth and transparent inter-departmental synchronization becomes more dynamic and goal driven rather than working under the sense of separateness.

Customer Engagement – With more options of communicating with your customers and prospects through enterprise solutions, there is a natural process of customer engagement happening. If your business can bring in that extra effort in every communication, it will go a long way in building a customer-friendly brand image.

Platform for Innovation – With more active processes and activities induced by engaging enterprise solutions there is a natural tendency to think in synchronization with the system, which leads to new initiatives quickly.

Quick and Timely Decision-Making Capability – As enterprise solutions are aimed at giving decision makers more accurate information and forecasts based on real data, the reliance on individual intuition will diminish, leading to effective and quick decision-making capability.

Real-time Information Exchange – Information is always available across multiple platforms and on the go. Information is also continuously added, processed, and made available to extract insights. Moreover, all this is done through error-free processes leading to high reliability and availability of information.

Outsource Enterprise Solutions to O2I

MangoBD has over 19 years of experience in providing innovative and robust software solutions and enterprise resource planning solutions for diverse enterprise needs. On-budget and on-time project delivery, proven methodologies and domain expertise ably backed by the skills of experienced personnel, and established partnerships and alliances are few of the advantages you can avail by outsourcing enterprise solutions to us.

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