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ebook conversion services

MangoBD¬† eBook Conversion service offers complete, front-to-back formatting and conversion services for ebooks of all types. O2I can convert files such as PDF, InDesign, Quark, MS Word (or even hard copies) into digital formats perfect for any popular electronic device. We can create ebooks for Nook, iPhone, iPad and ePUB, or PC-based readers like Adobe Digital Editions, Mobipocket (.prc) and Kindle (.mobi). All you need to do is send us your files, and let O2I’s ebook conversion team do the rest!

Your eBook Conversion Needs

Advancement of technology and popularity of tablets, iPads, Kindle Fires, etc. along with the widespread Internet access, has made eBooks increasingly popular among book readers. However, this has also increased the need for eBook conversion software to make the reading material compatible with Mobipocket Readers on different eBook devices and smart phones (Windows-based, BlackBerrys, Symbian and Windows PCs). Also, different types of e-readers require different types of formatting to suit their specifications and varying screen sizes. If you are also concerned about getting the perfect format for your eBooks, look no further.

MangoBD Solution

MangoBD eBook conversion services are compliant with all open standards, and ensure data security and copyright protection. If your organization requires a perfectly-crafted ebook, the professionals at O2I are the best choice. Need help with ePUB conversions, or converting your manuscript into a format supported by such popular e-readers as Kindle or Nook? Let O2I take care of your ebook file conversion worries.

Some of the services we provide with your ebook conversion include –

  • Tagging and linking of your Table of Contents
  • Proofing of images/ illustrations to ensure they’re resized properly and placed appropriately
  • Cleaning-up any page numbers and page headers
  • Re-pagination
  • PDF conversion services
  • iPad and iPhone eBook Conversions
  • Kindle Conversions


e-Book Conversion Services in Philippines

We have the required infrastructure and skilled resources to provide quality eBook conversion services. Our team of e-Pub conversion specialists ensures efficient conversion of all your data in any formats with zero errors. Some of the services we offer include Kindle conversions, iPad, and iPhone e-Book conversions, etc.

Don’t Let Your eBook Get Left Behind

Ebooks and e-readers are getting increasingly popular, and there’s no reason to believe that they’ll go away any time soon. Don’t miss out on the opportunities today’s technology has created. By trusting your project to O2I’s eBook Conversion service, you are guaranteed a well-constructed, functional and error-free ebook. Our ebook conversion team consists of skilled coders and CSS experts who have undertaken ebook projects of all sizes for publishers, universities, corporations and authors from all over the world. You can rely on O2I to expertly manage your ebook project from start to finish, and deliver high-quality results on deadline.

Make MangoBD eBook Conversion Services Solution

Trust your ebook project to O2I’s eBook Conversion service today, and start distributing your attractive ebook sooner than you can imagine! We promise to get back to you within 24 hours or less.

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