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Image Manipulation

Outsource Photo and Image Manipulation Services

Image Manipulation is the process of using image editing techniques on photographs in order to enhance or correct the image through analog or digital means. Outsourcing your photographs to O2I’s Image Manipulation Services will make your customers see an enhanced and better view of your products, services, amenities, equipment, facilities and infrastructure. With our digital image manipulation and our Photoshop image manipulation, your business and promotional images will stand out as the most excellent in your sphere. Also choosing O2I’s photo alteration and photo retouching services will prove to be both cost and time efficient. Outsource to India to get the best of professional and competent Image Manipulation Services!

Find out how outsourcing prepress services to O2I can give your business a competitive edge.

What type of Image Manipulation Services does O2I offer?

Our Image Manipulation Services employ the technique of modifying an image either by adding objects, people or things in the background or foreground. Using digital image manipulation and Photoshop image manipulation techniques we can bring about a mixture of changes such as:

  • Converting photos to paintings, pencil sketches or cartoons
  • Placing missing persons or adding persons to groups
  • Red eye editing, changing eye color
  • Background replacement
  • Cropping and Enlarging
  • Removal of jagged edges
  • Adding, removing or replacing objects
  • Removal of spots and wrinkles
  • Adding a watermark to your image

How do our Photo Alteration and Retouching Services work?

To maximize the efficiency of our Photo manipulation services, we work with TIFF, JPEG, PSD, GIF, PNG, PGF, RAW, raw digital files and other major image formats. We also convert images and files from one format to any other format of your choice.

We utilize Photoshop CS6, Creative Suite 6 Premium with plug-ins like Eye Candy 3.01, Chromatica and KPT in photo alteration and photo retouching. The digital designer working on your images is well qualified in traditional skills and is very well experienced in lighting, printing, retouching, color theory, and perspective and will make sure that your images are completed as per your request.

You may also get your input and output devices color calibrated by our experts.

Outsourcing to India will give you the advantage of having the most skilled and experienced designers working on your image!

The benefits of using MangoBD Image Manipulation Services

  • Outsourcing to India saves on time, effort and manpower.
  • You get overnight turnaround – If you upload the images in the evening, you will receive your corrected images by the next morning (this service depends on the complexity of the image).
  • You get a full-time person dedicated to your project.

Our image manipulation services can transform your online brochures, advertisements, catalogs, and other marketing collaterals into the best in your business. We also offer expert image manipulation services for custom websites, stock photo sites and online galleries and dedicated Wedding Photography Post Processing Services. Choose MangoBD as your partner and get access to specialized Photoshop image manipulation services.