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IT Staffing Services

Outsource IT Staffing / FTE Staff Augmentation Services

There is always a debate on whether to employ staff in-house or outsource staffing solutions to a reliable vendor. Comparing quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness of the tasks accomplished by outsourcing or in-house staff can help you determine which option will be most effective for your business.

However, in today’s extremely competitive world where shrinking margins and fluctuating workloads has become the order of the day, companies are increasingly gravitating towards outsourcing as it gives them access to a global talent pool and keeps the expenses down, while ensuring superior quality of products and services. In particular, hiring FTE staff is a boon for small and mid-sized software companies as it spares them from committing to a large and long-term workforce, and focus solely on rapid growth and catering to their client base.

Our IT Staff Augmentation Expertise

IT staffing and staff augmentation services allow you to hire experienced software developers on contract, minus the hassles of hiring an in-house staff! Our expertise in IT staffing and staff augmentation spans across the most widely used software platforms and proprietary and free software domains, including:

Hire LAMP professionals with expertise in developing Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) Applications

Hire experienced software professionals with expertise in developing Java applications

Hire experienced software professionals with expertise in Microsoft Applications and SQL

Hire experienced SEO and SEM experts with expertise in search engine optimization and Search Engine Marketing

Hire experienced designers with expertise in graphic designing

Hire experienced software professionals with expertise in Oracle Application Development

Hire experienced database administrators with expertise in Oracle database administration

Hire skilled and experienced mobile application developers to turn your ideas into a robust mobile app for a platform of your own choosing

You can hire our experienced WordPress developers to work on all your WordPress CMS development needs, in-turn receiving high-quality and cost-effective solutions customized as per your requirements

Hire professional Drupal web developers and theme designers to work on your CMS strategy and receive high-quality and affordable Drupal web development services

Hire a competent web developer from O2I to develop a website with a unique look, form, structure, and overall purpose of content, thereby lending a consistent brand identity to it

Hire talented and experienced PHP developers to develop custom PHP websites and other applications of varying complexity with superior competence

Our IT staff outsourcing capability spans across multiple industry verticals, including –

  • Advertising
  • Education
  • Finance & Brokerage Services
  • Healthcare & Insurance
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Government & Public Sector
  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • e-commerce
  • Banking
  • Mass Media
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Real Estate & Retail
  • Software, IT & Related Services

We have the expertise, infrastructure, and resources to hire specialized software professionals for your business requirements!
Call us on 800-594-9501 to talk to our client engagement executives, and know more about our staffing options.

IT Staffing Options We Provide

MangoBD offers you various options to outsource your IT Staffing or Staff Augmentation needs:

  • Full-time Equivalent (FTE): Get a qualified IT professional who will work for you eight hours a day, five days a week
  • Short-term Assignments: Hire result-oriented personnel for short-term assignments that require special IT skills
  • Long-term Assignments: Choose IT professionals who will work on your project for a long-term and ensure its successful completion
  • Contract with Option to Hire: Hire IT resources with great communication skills on contractual basis, and reward them with employment if found suitable for your business
  • Part-time: Appoint IT executives for projects that require part time dedication
  • Specialty Staffing: Add specialized staff for confidential and specialty projects
  • Direct Hire Recruiting: Hire an experienced professional for your business needs
  • Software Engineering Consulting: Hire a software consultant or full-time or part-time basis


Why Outsource IT Augmentation Services to O2I?

MangoBD provides wide-range of IT staffing and staff augmentation solutions for professionals specialized in diverse information and communication technologies to meet your business needs, that too at one-third of the cost of recruiting IT professionals in-house. We optimize costs without compromising on the expertise of sourced IT professionals. Here are few reasons to outsource IT staffing services to O2I:

  • Flexible Work Approach: Enjoy working with a virtual team of IT experts that is easy to hire and work with, without any administrative overheads
  • Team Extensibility: Handpick a team of competent professionals, who are qualified and experienced to perform any task in hand, whenever you want to ramp-up your projects
  • Doman Expertise: Depending upon the project requirement, outsource work that requires specialized domain expertise without any long-term commitment
  • Cost Savings: Save costs by eliminating the recruitment, human resources, relocation and infrastructural expenses
  • Increased Productivity: Optimize your business results and get the work done quickly by staffing qualified professionals who are dedicated to your work
  • Workforce Transparency: Manage your team easily and effectively by receiving regular time sheets and weekly work reports
  • Global Clients: We serve clients irrespective of their physical location. Speak to our customers in US, UK, India and Australia who have benefited from our staff augmentation services

Read how we provided a FTE solution to a South Africa based Software Company, and helped them client reduce the project delivery turnaround time, in turn also reducing their total costs incurred!

Outsource Your IT Augmentation Requirements to O2I

IT Outsourcing from MangoBD helps you reduce costs and risks substantially while speeding up your staffing process. Check our pricing structure for IT staffing and augmentation to know more about our competitive pricing.

We specialize in meeting diverse technology related staffing requirements for diverse job grades and job roles for our global clients. We follow well-defined recruitment procedures, conduct employee background checks, and ensure complete transparency and confidentiality in our staffing process. Contact us to free yourself from employment liabilities that come with in-house staff, and better manage your manpower.

Allow us to recruit the right IT talent for your business today!

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