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Outsource 360° Panorama Creation & Virtual Tours

With 360 degree panoramas for online maps from Google Maps, MapJack and MapQuest becoming hugely popular, there has been an increased demand for 360 degree street view panorama images. Google Maps for example have an option, wherein you can search for a particular place within a city. You can then click the “Street view” button and view a 360 degree panorama of that particular location. The panorama can be panned to either left or right giving the user an experience of moving up or down the street, thereby creating a virtual world for the user.

MangoBD, one of India’s leading providers of 360 degree panoramic photography and 360 degree virtual tour production has extensive experience in the post production of 360 degree street view panoramas. We have processed panoramas for renowned photographers and online map providers.

Why choose MangoBD for the processing of 360 degree street view panoramas?

With over 19 years of experience in photo editing we can edit your 360 degree panoramas and provide you with flawless images within a quick turnaround time. We are proficient in image stitching and can flawlessly stitch your images into a 360 degree panorama. To date, we have processed millions of 360 degree street view panoramas.

If you are a busy street view photographer or mapping service provider, post processing of 360 degree street view panoramas can put a full stop to your work. Since post processing of panoramas requires both time and expertise you will have to hire resources to carry out the processing or do it yourself.

To avoid hiring resources or doing the enhancement yourself, you can consider outsourcing 360 degree street view panoramas. With our experience in seamless interactive panoramas and immersive street side imagery, we can provide you with the ’perfect’ panorama.

Post processing of 360 degree panoramas for online maps

While you concentrate on taking 360 degree street view panoramas of different places, we can help you with the processing work. The team of photo editing experts at MangoBD has expertise in the following –

  • Stitching several shots into horizontal/vertical panoramas
  • 360 degree panorama enhancement
  • Blurring faces in the panorama
  • Removing objectionable parts in the panorama
  • Sharpening the panorama
  • Blurring car number plates & signboards
  • Removing hazes/ghosts/ratification
  • 360 degree virtual reality panoramas at varying levels of detail, resolution & sharpness

180° and 360° Aerial Panorama

Apart from 360° panorama and virtual tour creation, we also provide aerial videos for real estate agents and offer bespoke 180° and 360° aerial panorama services. We help you showcase your real estate properties and digital photos as a 180° and 360° aerial panorama, which is an advanced technique of aerial photography that captures images with elongated field of view using specialized equipment. It is also known as wide format photography and allows you to provide exciting new perspectives of your images to the target audience that is not possible using conventional ground panorama images, thereby providing a wholesome view to your clients.

MangoBD – your ideal 360 degree street view panorama processing partner

  • We understand the importance of blurring faces, sign boards and number plates as most countries have strict laws against displaying faces, vehicle registration marks or signposts
  • Our digital imaging experts enhance the level of sharpness of every 360 degree panorama in order to increase the clarity of image when it gets mapped
  • We can create 360 degrees street view panoramas from camera shoots taken from 11 or more different angles and send you a flawless panorama