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w3space supports

W3Space Technologies, supports open source software, and the progressive companies and communities that embrace open source and High Traffic Blogs.

Much of W3Space’s infrastructure runs on software developed as open source software. Without open source software, and the great contributions made by generous programmers globally, companies like W3Space would have a very hard time existing, and our prices certainly would be higher to customers.

W3Space loves open source.

Today we are officially launching a new open source initiative to support open source authors and their projects. W3Space hopes to enable the success of many new and innovative projects that will shape the future of communications, and change how we use the internet.

What W3Space Technologies is Offering Open Source Authors and
Open Source Projects

We are offering free Cloud Hosting, VPS hosting services (KVM or OpenVZ), Dedicated Server and or Technical Support to open source authors for their projects. The VPS can be used for simply hosting the promotional website for the project or it can be used as part of the infrastructure to power their open source project. Approved authors are free to use the space how they would like as long as it enables their project ,and is both lawful and within our standard Terms of Services.

Projects W3Space Technologies would Like to See and Support

We’ve created a list of projects that W3Space would like to support immediately:

  • Automation – reducing repetitive and unnecessary tasks. Everything from home automation to server automation. Freeing human time cycles by offloading burdensome lowly tasks to servers.
  • Blacklists and Network Monitoring – aggregation of malicious network usage data, identification of bad networks and bad usage. If you publish a current blacklist or are developing a new detection system, we are interested.
  • Community – forums, chat, Instant Messaging, file storage, calendars, etc. with emphasis on group sharing and collaboration.
  • Distributed – broadening the distribution of data across geographical area, all the way to a global level. This can be storage, community software, file sharing, etc.
  • Encryption – necessary insurance protection in the age of prying eyes and know-it-all invasive monitoring. We are looking for new algorithms, new approaches, and new platforms that utilize a full-time encrypted environment.
  • Privacy – tools to keep humans and their identifiable data out of the public view.

How to Apply

Currently, W3Space has no burdensome application process, and there is no undue delay for our Open Source program. You simply send us:

  • 1. Information about your project (what is your project, what does it do, URLs for more info, etc.).
  • 2. Information on who you are and/or major project contributors are.
  • 3. Which open source licensing your project is adhering to.
  • 4. What you need for resources.

We respond same day or next business day at latest.

That’s all there is to it!

To Get Started

Contact MangoBD , via our Helpdesk (be sure to note you are involved in an open source project and provide information on items 1-4 above):